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Information Technology

Our roots started in the "You Break It, We Fix" in 2000.  IT has evolved to now to maintain a safe and secure IT enabled company.

cloud computing

What is "The Cloud"? Internet connected Computing, Storage, Data Transfers and Applications.  More info on the cloud?  Call us.

about MainBoard

MainBoard dba MainBoard Consulting started business in 2000 as a Sole Proprietorship in the Computer Sales and Repair line.  After the fast evolution of technology and migration from dial up to many times high speeds, we now consult and train organizations with security best practices, test for gremlins and other weaknesses as well as provide executive briefings and employee training.

Importance of Reliable & resilient Connectivity

We've been in the connectivity side of business for many years, worked with many providers and today, we aggregate connections to keep businesses online during one connection outage.  Retail and restaurants effectively stop doing business if their credit card terminals lose connectivity.  Having redundant connections and the network connectivity combiner systems that can automatically manage the connection path can save your business thousands of dollars in lost time, unproductive paid wages and many other expenses that simply makes sense to keep your business connected. 

Schedule an appointment if you are having connectivity troubles or if you have suffered from your card terminal going offline from failed connections.  We can help! 

our services

If you are at the stage with your company that you need retained SECURITY Governance and Guidance, MainBoard offers a limited clientele base our Virtual CISO service. CEOs or Executive Chairs must schedule to interview us for this service.

cloud migration

Businesses of all sizes are capable of benefiting from "The Cloud."  Whether cleaning up your brand or moving 

Offsite data backup CONSULTING

We coach, explain and train you with this process but we DO NOT touch your data.  We are partners with trusted providers that we know personally and communicate with regularly.


Are you subject to governance & regulatory compliance? MainBoard staff is well versed, researched and immersed in regulatory compliance laws (Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), GLB, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, as well as NIST and ISO27001 to assist your organization to voluntary compliance.

why us

Integrity | Reliability | Accountability... and a few other descriptors of choice.

  • 20+ years experience
  • flexible to your needs
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