Credit and Debit Card Terms Policies & Procedures

If you are in business, chances are you received payment from a client or customer.  If you receive payment, you've likely been asked if you take credit or debit cards and naturally you probably do take them since approximately 80% of transactions are through those 3.5" pieces of plastic today that now possess microchips in addition to the magentic stripes containing customer information.

Most of MainBoard's function is to work in the aspect of security, policies and procedures, regulatory compliance - for you, our prospective client, if you are here looking for useful information. If you accept card payments, you have a book of rules and agreements you have signed or clicked and agreed to when you signed up for your account.  There are pages and pages of rules and compliance that you must abide or you are subject to fines, penalties, and remediation if you have a security breach.  If you do not have a policy and procedure written down, it is sound practice to have these things stored for retrieval. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your credit and debit card processing policies, procedures and security practices.