What is Cybersecurity Awareness?

Many news stories makes one sick, n’est pas?  What is the deal with the Cybersecurity word?  Where did it come from? Why’s it a hot topic now?  

How can it be worth billions and trillions?

Crazy isn’t it?

Cybersecurity is a re-branding of the unsafe use and non-maintained computer, network, technology and anything electronic that is capable of transferring data or controlling something else.  Today, technology is at the heart of government, business, shopping, healthcare and many other functions of life.  There are still criminals too that have evolved in the way they spy and steal, hence the other word: hackers, hacking, hack, and hacked.  I’ve adopted a concept from a long time expert in the field of computers: “There are no hackers, only spies.”  If someone wants your information to use for their illicit purpose, they’re a spy.  If someone wants your information to use against you, they’re a spy.

Intellectual property.  What is your business worth?  what is your name worth?  what is the information you possess worth if someone else has it for them to do business with or you to be penalized for releasing that confidential information?  What can identity theft do to one person?

These are loaded questions that really generate situational awareness that are of utmost importance for every individual and business owner to take time to think through regarding their "security posture."